1. We are paying more taxes and reducing Medicare for senior citizens to pay for Obamacare which promises access to basic healthcare for all Americans. Therefore this sales tax increase for indigent care is not necessary and is double taxation.

  1. This will raise the sales tax to 7% which will make it difficult to obtain the other tax revenues needed to fund things like schools or roads.

  1. Businesses in Manatee County are already overtaxed and struggling to stay viable. Increasing the county sales tax again will hurt these small businesses, and put a number of them in real financial danger.

  1. Additionally, this increase in the sales tax will make Manatee County less economically competitive with surrounding counties.

  1. The Federal Government under Obamacare is paying for an additional 1 million or more new Medicaid recipients. They will be enrolled in Medicaid or get free private health insurance policies under the Arkansas plan. This will mean that close to 25% of Floridians will be on Medicaid or Government paid health insurance. We simply can not afford to pay more on top of this.

The facts just don’t add up!

Step 1:

Manatee County Real Estate Tax Revenue


Florida Department of Revenue Fiscal Years 2012-13 


Step 2:

“... The new sales tax would allow County Commissioners to consider lowering property taxes by $10 million.”

Source: Manatee County Government  >>

Step 3:

$10,000,000/$156,576,177 = 6.3%

maximum reduction in property taxes.

Why is the Administration touting that the sales tax will reduce Property taxes from up to 13% for unincorporated properties and up to 26% for the cities?  This doesn’t add up!


And let’s now look at the real savings according to the Manatee County Government...

“I don’t live in a city; I’m a homeowner in unincorporated Manatee County.  How will the 26/13 plan affect me?

Someone who owns a typical home in unincorporated Manatee County with a taxable value of $150,000 will see their annual property taxes reduced by up to $135 per year. New utility franchise fees will cost about $5.10 per month or about $61 a year. The half-cent sales tax would be about $64 a year for many middle class families, based on IRS estimates.”

Source: Manatee County Government  >>

A maximum of $135 reduction in property taxes less $61 increase in utility fees and a $64 increase in sales tax

yields a net MAXIMUM savings of $10.

Simply put, this is a shell game of taxes.

We know that...

The Shell Game...